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 [[https://​​trifork/​FMKResources/​blob/​master/​wsdl/​​raw=true| IDWS WDSL med skemaer inline, POR version 1.4.4.E2]] [[https://​​trifork/​FMKResources/​blob/​master/​wsdl/​​raw=true| IDWS WDSL med skemaer inline, POR version 1.4.4.E2]]
-[[fmk:​patientregistration-inline_2015_01_01_e2:​feltbeskrivelser:​feltbeskrivelser|Feltbeskrivelser for POR 1.4.4.E2]]+[[fmk:​patientregistration-inline_2015_01_01_e2:​feltbeskrivelser|Feltbeskrivelser for POR 1.4.4.E2]]
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